A bit diffrent

Hello my dearest beams of sunlight!

So yesterday I went to my hairdresser to get my hair cut after two years. Yes you heard right, I didn’t cut it for two years. My hair was not tangled or anything but it got so long I just got tired of it. So i went from hair that went down to my boobs to hair that’s barely touches my shoulders.

and you know? I really really missed my shorter hair and really now when it’s some kinda of heatwave here in Karlskrona. OMG, we are burning up! And my epilepsy really don’t like when it’s this hot!
And it’s like this every summer. I get seizures and we have to cancel plans. I really hate this, but it’s just to suck it up and replan. But hey that’s disability life!



A witch with purple hair

Hello my cactuses

This weekend was another family weekend with my side of the family. My little baby cousin Maja (she is not so little anymore she is 15) was about to get her in Swedish we call it “konfirmation”, i think it’s called confirmation in english (but I’m really not sure), so we went to Nybro for the weekend and we were about to babysit my (baby brother who is 13 but has autism).
We really checked the weather report for this trip and it was going to be about 30 celsius warm, but it was poring rain and just 16 celsius warm, so what I wore was a bit cold, but I felt so freaking casual fancy in it AND really loved showing of my curves.


I really don’t wear this type of ribbon-skirts, because I felt so un me in them, but when I saw this I just said “FUCK IT!, I love it and I’m going to rock it!” and that’s what I did! Felt so proud of myself!
The skirt is from Lindex and is in stores now, I bought in a 2xl and it is very true to size!

But now there is something we need to chat about!
Why is it that the generation that is our parents and older feels free to say hurtful things about, for exampel my purple hair? I really Love it and that is why i keep coloring it purple. But for some reason, PEOPLE keep calling me a witch with purple hair. So now I’m embracing it.
Enough is ENOUGH!


Did you know witches are only girls and women, so GIRL POWER!!! They are believed to be magic (most of them for good and medicinal use), they had to believe in them self (very very much, because no one else did) and didn’t care about what people thought about them. So as long as my hair is purple the witch is here to stay!
Sorry, people who hates my hair!

But now to something completely different and that is some new cactuses. Yes we bought new babies to the collection of stinglynes.


This one is formed like a drop of rain and is about to blom. I really don’t know the specie and posted a pic of it in a group on FB, so I hope to get an ansewer soon. The other one I don’t even know if it is a cactus or a succulent ?! It is sooooooo wierd !!!


It looks like a dessert blossom, but it has these torns and is green. So I know it is not! I posted a pic of that to, so I really would like to know something about them NOW!!!!
And that was our weekend!

Yesterday was a bad day…

Hello my sunflowers🌻🌻

Yesterday was a long day, a bad day, a day of just couping. After a super intense morning with myclonic seizures, that would not calm the f down, I had a grand mal seizure on the toilet and feel and hit my head in the walls and my knees in the toilet. So today my body is feeling so darn sore today. If anyone have ever run a triathlon, that’s what’s my body is feeling right now. Sore, in every muscle that is existing in my body.

(Sorry for any typos, my head is blurry and tired )

My head feels like boiled mashed potatoes with to much butter and my sleeping patterns go bananas… I sleep for 5 hours, wake up, pee, maybe talking, sleeps again for a couple of hours. Wakes up, hungry and so sore in the body.

Anton woke me whe he got home after work to ask how I felt, if we needed to go to the hospital and if jizza had been out on a walk.

I didn’t need to go to the hospital and he took out Jizza for a walk and I slept 1 hour more.

Woke up and found her here… crazy dog!

Oh well I’m feeling better now but not ok, it takes a few days to recover the body at full speed.

Our floofy baby

Hello my little sugarplums !

We don’t have any kids and I can’t have children of my own (or the correct answer is its going to be really really really hard), so we have a dog-baby. Or well she is 7 years old and not so much a baby anymore and highly spoiled instead. She loves cuddles and sleeping in our bed with us. She hates taking baths, clipping hair claws or when we tickle her.

This is Jizza, our floofy baby:


She is the most calmest dog ever, unless you leave her alone, then she panic and chews on everything she can gets her mouth on. We took her in when she was 1 1/2 years old and we tried to train it away, but it was not a success. She once chewed on our beds down to the spine. So now we don’t leave her alone for longer times. When she needs to be alone for longer times we leave her with our friends Johannes or Simon, who lives across our yard in the next apartment building.


She loves spending time on our balcony, just laying there watching people or birds. She is really like Ferdinand. If we let her she would sleep out there, especially in the winter when it snows.

When Anton comes home from work and Jizza has been with me all day they normally lays on the couch together (but here they are on the bed together because I couldn’t find any picture in my HIGHLY organized new phone……………..)

_20180331_135116 (1)

She loves riding in the car, riding the train and just having nice family times. She is candy crazy and loves when we hide them and plays games with her.



And thats our cuddle bunny baby.


Feeling fierce

Hello lovelies 🌺

So last weekend we went up to my hometown and my parents to eat lunch with my mom’s Dad and visit my dad’s mom at the hospital, and to bring my bike back home! 🤩

So we set of to be in Nybro, pretty early, but for some reasons we missed that on the way there was going to be a race so we got stuck in a line with our car for half an hour…. FUN!!

SO, anyway I was feeling very fierce in my clothes on Saturday! Sorry for not showing you the whole outfit, but I forgot my tripod and selfiestick!

With this I was wearing an old yellow Lindy bop skirt and converse. It’s not often I wear black or even wear my hair in it’s natural straight stage. But this day I did and was feeling fierce af!