Our balcony garden

Hi lovelies 🌻🌵🌺🍓

So I thought I would update you on our little urbangarden. Because now everything has starting to get really big! Let’s take a look!

Here we have two of our potts with flowers and they really have grown up and like our sunny balcony.

Under those two we have another one with flowers. I don’t know their English names, so I am sorry for not writing them.

Under that one whe have a mixed pot with grass and flowers. Next left to it we have our old chili plant and some palate leafy greens.

Here we have our third and fourth potts with flowers. It was not meant to be this much flowers this year, but the bees are happy!

Under those we have potted strawberries and wild strawberries.

Here is potato, tomato and chilies in a Paul potato next to it vi have sugarbeans.

Tomatoes and tomatoes and tomatoes….

We also have herbs but I didn’t take a picture of them because they stand in our little green house.

So what do you think? Do you grow anything?

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